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caddy runner 2.0

Posted in neues by maik on 07/04/2011

by Z_K_K

!!! stylish looks !!! fashionable in size !!! prominent in prize !!!

with this great new runner-caddy you will definitly get envious looks in your favourite shopping mall.

feel all the great new features combined in one wonderfull caddy:
_don’t care about shop hours. buy everything you want in no time with up to 45km/h of enormous speed!!!
_keep up your stamina without the hassle of being in an odorous gym side by side with your filthy collegues!!!
_get all the positive sfx of sports and shopping combinde in one handy multitool!!!

z_k_k since 2009 stands for perfect workmanship and never lost a war so far.

get THE NEW CADDY 2.0 RUNNER at your local dealer or order it right here.
we even have the xxl-special edition. having fun with your whole family!!!